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: Everyone knows that today social networking sites have gained its control over the entire world. Every single human being is running after making social relationships. They feel free to share anything and everything that comes to their mind. Every moment of their life reflects now through the so called social sites. But, how much is this reliable? No one ever bothers it. How much concerned are you regarding the information you post? How much are you aware of the privacy policies? Can you assure that your personal details are not being disclosed before any third party? It has been found that every single bit of information is under the threat of exploitation by means of social network extraction methods for varying purposes. Pointing to the fact that each person’s session details must be disclosed before him, so as to make him aware of his previous logins; and thereby notifying him of, any illegal or unauthorized access to his account.

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Score normalization refers to changing the location and scale parameters of the match score distributions at the outputs of the individual matchers, so that the match scores of different matchers are transformed into a common domain [ROS, 2006]. Integration at the match score level is generally preferred due to the presence of sufficient information content and the ease in accessing and combining match scores. The match score is a measure of similarity or dissimilarity between the input and template biometric feature vectors. Some issues need to be considered prior to combining the scores of the matchers into a single score. The matching scores at the output of the individual matchers may not be homogeneous. For example, one matcher may output a distance or dissimilarity measure (a smaller distance indicates a better match) while another may output a similarity measure (a larger similarity value indicates a better match). Further, the outputs of the individual matchers need not be on the same numerical scale(range).

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Over the past years, data mining became a matter of considerable importance due to the large amounts of data available in the applications belonging to various domains. Data mining, a dynamic and fast-expanding field, that applies advanced data analysis techniques from statistics, machine learning, database systems or artificial intelligence, in order to discover relevant patterns, trends and relations contained within the data, information impossible to observe using other techniques. The paper focuses on presenting the applications of data mining in the business environment. It contains a general overview of data mining, providing a definition of the concept, enumerating six primary data mining techniques and mentioning the main fields for which data mining can be applied. The paper also presents the main business areas which can benefit from the use of data mining tools, along with their use cases: retail, banking and insurance. Also the main commercially available data mining tools and their key features are presented within the paper. Besides the analysis of data mining and the business areas that can successfully apply it, the paper presents the main features of a data mining solution that can be applied for the business environment and the architecture, with its main components, for the solution, that would help improve customer experiences and decision-making.

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An organization requires the utilization of a complex array of resources to grow, survive and achieve ultimate mission or objectives that informed its existence or creation. The human resource of an organization offered the potential synergy for sustained competitive advantage, in today’s environment.Since its commencement, the traditional HRM, the formal system for managing people in organization, concerned itself essentially with transactional and administrative support services. The emergence of SHRM, concerned with the relationship between HRM and strategic management of the organization, was a paradigm shift. The strategic business partner model emphasized the proper integration or fit of HR practices with the business strategies of the organization, to generate a competitive advantage. To perform successfully, the roles of business partner and change agent under SHRM, the HR practitioner must be highly knowledgeable, multi- skilled and acquire core competencies like business knowledge, strategic visioning and global operating skills, credibility and integrity, internal consulting skills, among others.

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The collection of heavy metals in soil is a genuine natural issue. The danger of metals in soil is related basically with their species. Operationally decided speciation investigation of Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Sb, Cd and Pb was completed in the range of non-ferrous metals-refining in the Plain, utilizing inductively coupled plasma–mass spectroscopy after successive substance extraction. The normal potential versatility part was figured. The normal potential portability of the metals had the accompanying request: Cd(44.7%) > Pb(29.6%) > Mn(14.8%) > Zn(12.5%) > Cu(5.9%) > Sb(5.0%) > Ni(2.1%) > Cr(0.8%). It is inferred that there is a particular spatial heterogeneity in the grouping of heavy metals in the considered region.

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Purines and pyrimidines make up the two groups of nitrogenous bases, including the two groups of nucleotide bases. Two of the fourdeoxyribonucleotides (deoxyadenosine and deoxyguanosine) and two of the four ribonucleotides (adenosine, or AMP, and guanosine, or GMP), the respective building blocks of DNA and RNA, are purines. In order to form DNA and RNA, both purines and pyrimidines are needed by the cell in approximately equal quantities. Both purine and pyrimidine are self-inhibiting and activating. When purines are formed, they inhibit the enzymes required for more purine formation. This self-inhibition occurs as they also activate the enzymes needed for pyrimidine formation. Pyrimidine simultaneously self-inhibits and activates purine in similar manner. Because of this, there is nearly an equal amount of both substances in the cell at all times.

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Photovoltaic (PV)systemsgenerateasignificantamountofelectricalenergyusedaroundtheworld.In accordancewithhighcostandlowefficiency,solarpanelsandarraysshouldbeoperatedatthemaximumpower point(MPP).PhotovoltaiccellshavevariablecurrentandvoltagecharacteristicsandMPPdependson solarirradiations andambienttemperature. Obtainingmaximum powerandreachinghighest efficiencylevelinthesepanelsisan importantresearchtopic[1],[2].MaximumPowerPointTracking(MPPT)isdevelopedtocapturemaximumpower levelinvariableatmosphericallyconditions[3],[4]. Inthis comprehensivestudy,thebehaviorofvariedincrementalconductance (IC)MPPTalgorithmimplementedtoPVmodules.Larger-medium-small fixed step-sizesandvariablestepsizeswere applied,analyzedundervaryingconditions.Inordertocomparethestepsizeimpressions, allcasesweresimulated on MATLAB/Simulinkplatform and the results were undernoted and were observed accordingly.