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The iris recognition is a kind of the biometrics technologies based on the physiological characteristics of human body, compared with the feature recognition based on the fingerprint, palmprint, face and sound etc, the iris has some advantages such as uniqueness, stability,highrecognition rate, and non-infringing etc.Gabor Filter is usedfor feature extraction for eyelid detection & enhancing the segmented iris image.Matching is done using hybrid algorithm which is Genetic algorithm and PSO by calculating the bit difference of processed or original image.

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Face recognition is one of the most crucial component in computer vision and human interaction. Our project’s main concern is to mark attendance using face recognition with highest efficiency. Face recognition system consist of principal component analysis(PCA)[3] which is used to reduce the dimension of an image by feature extraction on the basis of illumination, intensity of particular region of common behavior identify in particular object. The algorithm calculate eigen value and eigenvector from covariance matrix of a training image set. The most variant data to a particular region is known as first principal component and component orthogonal to first principal component is known as second principal component. Face recognition is done by using support vector machine algorithm[1]. the input data as an image is matched with our application database and matched information will circulate to relative mentor .Haar cascade classifier is used to classify the various component of the images . The eye blinking motion will be detected to ensuring about real face not an face from any photograph.

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List the principles that the nurse should have an awareness in order to establish a meaningful therapeutic relationship with the parents and child. The nurse begins to build a working relationship with the parents and child from the first contact with them, whether in their home, in the hospital or in the community.

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Data mining could be a technique of extraction hidden prognosticative info from massive information bases; it's a robust new technology with nice potential to assist Universities or establishments to concentrate on the foremost vital info in their data warehouses. data processing tools predict future trends and behaviours, permitting establishment to create proactive, knowledge-driven choices. The automatic, prospective analyses offered by data processing move on the far side the analyses of past events provided by retrospective tools typical of call support systems. data processing tools will answer establishment queries that historically were too time overwhelming to resolve .

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